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Script Supervisor

About the Role

A script supervisor (sometimes called a continuity supervisor ) is an on-set member of a film crew whose sole responsibility is ensuring continuity throughout principal photography. All Script Supervisors gets paid $240 series ($20 per episodes).


  • Applicants must have excellent communication, organizational and writing abilities. They must be observant and detail-oriented.

About the Company

Mencere Entertainment (previously known as Mezen Studio) is an american film, machinima and television studio founded by Louis Gilbert and Ladie Rhias in December 3, 2020. Mencere is known for producing Unsound Mind (2020) and the company’s most anticipated series, The Vampire Hunters (2021), two TV series shot and filmed using The Sims 4. As Mencere stands right now, the company uses The Sims 4 to shoot and film all of it’s series. But Mencere is actively seeking for animators to go alongside it’s current team of 8 employees to build a proper animation studio.

Back in early 2020 before publicly known as Mencere Entertainment, Mencere released a show called Hellish, but the show was quickly taken off Youtube after the company had only released five episodes for Hellish.

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