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Voice Acting

About the Role

A Writer, or Staff Writer, composes a variety of content for publications by expressing ideas through text. Their primary duties include researching topics, completing interviews, writing engaging material


  • Smoothly read out loud from a script, convey tone and emotion through the voice, speak in a pleasant-sounding voice.

  • Commit to your role no matter what.

  • Don't apply if you already know you won't be getting back to us if get cast.

  • Respect the lines please, if you want to add something to the lines, gives two versions of it. The original lines and the lines you edited. 3: Respect the deadline. If life does happen, please communicate; don't just say nothing and have the producer chasing you for lines that you know you won't be able to complete.

  • You have to be okay with the producer requesting for retakes or additional lines.

  • Don't rush with the lines. Do your best with each line because each line is essential. Sometimes, you might feel like you want to get it over with, but please take your time. Your not only messing up the studio's work, but you are messing yours as well. Other people are going to see your work, not just the producer's. You don't know who your work might attract, which is why you should do your best with each work that you get. Voice acting is a craft, and you should do it because you enjoy doing it.

  • Do not go MIA, again communicate. Communication goes a long way.

  • Be willing to be directed

*This will require you to hop on a discord call with one of our directors to be directed. Are you okay with that?

About the Company

Mencere Entertainment (previously known as Mezen Studio) is an american film, machinima and television studio founded by Louis Gilbert and Ladie Rhias in December 3, 2020. Mencere is known for producing Unsound Mind (2020) and the company’s most anticipated series, The Vampire Hunters (2021), two TV series shot and filmed using The Sims 4. As Mencere stands right now, the company uses The Sims 4 to shoot and film all of it’s series. But Mencere is actively seeking for animators to go alongside it’s current team of 8 employees to build a proper animation studio.

Back in early 2020 before publicly known as Mencere Entertainment, Mencere released a show called Hellish, but the show was quickly taken off Youtube after the company had only released five episodes for Hellish.

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