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  • How do I go about crediting the music when I use them?
    To give us credit for using Signitunes here's what you'll have to do: 1: For YouTube, add "Music provided by: #Signitunes Listen here:" (Please make sure you actually see out YouTube when you @ us there) 2: For Twitch, if you listen to Signitunes exclusively, have a dedicated panel crediting us. We will provide you with high res pre-made panels. Click HERE to download the one that best suits your channel. And if you don't listen to Signitunes exclusively, write Music Provided by: Signitunes and your other music source(s). 3: For Instagram, TikTok and Twitter (if you use our music on those platforms) use #Signitunes
  • What is Signitunes?
    Signitunes is a music company based in Jersey City, NJ. Signitunes was created by Langley Creates, back on May 27, 2021. Our goal is to release high-quality DMCA-safe and copyright-free music to help content creators do what they do best: content creating. Since the birth of the company, we have helped make numerous content creators' careers a lot easier by providing them with the use of our music library free of charge. When we first enter the musical world, we've entered it headstrong with our first lo-fi music album having over 18 tracks and the introduction of Sarah. Sarah is the face of Signitunes, and we aim to tell her story on our official YouTube channel, alongside releasing some great lo-fi beats for the masses to chill. So far, you got to see her studying, and more aspects of her life will lay bare as we release more copyright-free music.
  • Do I have to sign up to your website for me to download any of your music?
    Yes, signing up is a requirement. That way we can collect our visitors' emails to better cater to them. But besides that, our website is opened up to you to download our music whenever you want to.
  • Why do I have to give credit for using Signitunes?
    Giving credit is one of the best ways to let your viewers know where the music you're using on stream or YouTube videos originated, which makes it easier for your viewers to access any of our music if and when they hear a song they like. Not to mention, it's one of the best ways to help Signitunes grow.
  • If and when I use any of your music, can I still monetize my stream or YouTube videos?
    Yes, of course, you can monetize your Twitch or YouTube channel while using our music. Signitunes's sole purpose is to help make the content creation process easier for content creators. This is why we've made our service 100% free to use.
  • What if I'm not a content creator? Can I still listen to your music?
    Why, of course. Signitunes is available to everyone, not just content creators. Our music can be used for pretty much everything. We have a decent number of hand-crafted playlists ready for any occasion, and they're all available on any music platform where Signitunes can be accessed.
  • On which platform can I use your music?
    Our music can be used on any platform, for we have taken the liberty to make Signitunes available on all streaming services—platforms like YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Will I receive a copyright claim if I use your music?
    No, you will not because we have gone the extra mile to ensure your content never gets a claim from us. Before releasing any of our music, we always take extra precautions to ensure that our music is completely safe for our listeners and content creators alike. But with that being said, false copyright claims on YouTube are a thing. If that happens to you, please be sure to reach out to us to help remove the claim, if it was accidently placed by one of our team members.
  • Can I use your artwork in my content?
    No, you may not. We don't give out permission to anyone to use any of our artworks. This is a right that's only reserved for Signitunes.
  • Can I upload my live stream replays to YouTube?
    Yes, you can, but the same principle still stands. Credit us in the description box.
  • Can I do a cover on your beats?
    No, that's not something that's allowed. If we let that happen, the instrumental you'd use to sing or rap on will be copyrighted material if and when you choose to distribute the cover song to Spotify, YouTube, and any other streaming services.
  • Can I re-upload any of your music on my YouTube channel?
    No, you cannot re-upload any of our tracks to your YouTube channel. Re-upload is strictly prohibited. Apart from us, no one else reserved the right to upload our tracks to any streaming services.
  • Is Signitunes only available to Simmers?
    No, contrary to popular belief, Signitunes is not only available for Simmers. The birth of Signitunes was at the aid of the Sims community. Still, after some careful calculations, Langley Creates decided it would be best for the company if Signitunes were available to everybody and not just The Sims Community.
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