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About Us

Signitunes, the second branch of Mencere Entertainment, is a music company based in Jersey City, NJ. Signitunes was created by Langley Creates, back on May 27, 2021. Our goal is to release high-quality DMCA-safe and copyright-free music to help content creators do what they do best: content creating. Since the birth of the company, we have helped make numerous content creators' careers a lot easier by providing them with the use of our music library free of charge.

When we first enter the musical world, we've entered it headstrong with our first lo-fi music album having over 18 tracks and the introduction of Sarah. Sarah is the face of Signitunes, and we aim to tell her story on our official YouTube channel, alongside releasing some great lo-fi beats for the masses to chill. So far, you got to see her studying, and more aspects of her life will lay bare as we release more copyright-free music.
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